Yi yi (2000) / Kai-Li Peng

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Ryan McGinley: 

Black Star. Dakota Hair. Golden Grassland. Tumbleweed.

What do rats hallucinate about?

Do dolphins sleepwalk?

Do sharks ever have nightmares?

Last night I was tuning my violin and a shark lurking in the shallow depths of the water beached itself in front of me and dug its teeth into the crook of my left arm, slowly, painlessly, remaining there.

the tattoo collector

Photograph of Dr. Katsunari Fukushi, reproduced from the article “Remains to be Seen”, in Tattoo Time Volume 4: Life & Death Tattoos, by Don Ed Hardy (1987).


Recently, I realized that Motown hits, like modern pop songs, are extremely formulaic. However, since there were so many fewer synthesizers, effects, and recording tricks available in the Motown era  it’s way easier to follow the formula and churn out a Motown instrumental. 

I exhausted my library of Motown songs and wrote down the commonalities between my favorite hits. Then, I wrote down the formula, instrument by instrument. Here are a few of the components:

“Basic pop chord progression”

“Twinkly four-bar piano riff with rolling transition”

“Claps on the 1,2,3,4”

“Horn blasts on the ‘one-and’ with syncopated decoration”

“Strings on the chorus”

“Syncopated upright bass riff”

“Intense layering”

Finally, I added the instruments, made up a lighthearted melody, and, lacking vocals, added a few snippets from a ominous 1963 conversation about Vietnam between LBJ and Senator Russell.  Voila! 

Now I just need a vocalist to sing a set of equally-formulaic Motown lyrics. Any takers?



Listeria monocytogenes somersaulting his way to his next prey.

new year’s resolution

Tokyo, 11.07

Surprising that Tokyo doesn’t have gates set up inside subway stations to prevent people from jumping into the tracks, like Seoul. Instead they have signs telling people to push an emergency button to alert the conductor in case something happens in the tracks.

It’s like the difference between eastern and western medicine—preventative care vs. symptomatic relief—except this is all in Asia so it’s confusing.